Questions for Businessmen

When we build a business, we create, and when we create, we only think positively. But at some point, we all leave this life ... That’s when we will see if our creation was built on a solid base or not. In this case, what happens to your business?

• How will your family continue to receive income?

• Who will run the business?

• To whom will it yield to?

• Who will pay the creditors?

• Do you have personal guarantees in banks?

• Who will negotiate with them?

• Do you have partners?

• What will be their demands?

• Must your share be sold?

• Will your partners buy it?

• At what price?

• Where will the cash be found?

• Who will make the decisions?

• Is this what you want?

The proper planning of your business insurance can provide answers to all the above questions and more. We, at Solutions 4U, have all the solutions. We can help you make your own concept. That way, everything will proceed exactly as you wish!