Professional Liability Insurance

You have worked hard to build your professional activity or business and it is sensible to want to protect it.

The Professional Liability Insurance protects the professional or the company from damages and legal fees that arise from acts, errors or negligence in one’s professional activity.

Despite your good intentions, there is always the risk of something going wrong. Mistakes as we know, are paid for, and many times cost dearly. Even if one of your employees commits the error during his employment, eg, a fax sent to the wrong person that unintentionally reveals information.

If you make a mistake, your customers expect you will be able to rectify it. Many times, the amount of this possibility is the reflection of a projection. Having professional liability insurance may even give you a competitive advantage to win a call for tender or to secure a customer. But above all, it is the safety net of your professional activity, and you should not to let it be determined by bad moments.