AND YOU: What Pension will you have?

Statistics say that: For every 100 people who are currently at the age of 25, after 40 years:

•  26 will have died

• 71 will be living with limited income or will depend on their children and

• 3 will be financially independent

To which category do you belong? What makes you different in order to be one of the three people who will enjoy financial independence?

Nowadays, no one can be sure, neither of his retirement age, nor of the amount of his pension.

On the other hand, the truth is hard to deal with. Many times, the difference between an elder gentleman and an old man, an elder lady and an old woman, resides only in the difference in their economic capacity.

Is it certain that, when we retire, our pension will be significantly reduced compared to our last salary? What do we do then? Change our standards of living and lifestyle? Are our financial needs increased or decreased with old age? Think about it. Our free time increases and, in order to fill it pleasantly, we need money. Possibly, the costs for our health will be elevated. Children and grandchildren will visit us much as possible, and we would like but to be as useful and helpful as we can, to have the ability to help.

We all know that the average life expectancy is increasing. Medicine, science and the quality of life contribute significantly in this direction.

Experts believe that people who will have an average life of 125 years, are already born.

If, after our pension, we live another 30-40 years, how we live them if we haven’t made any provision for it?

When should we start thinking about and planning for the third age?

If we realize the problem late, 2-3 years before retirement, then, there is almost nothing we can do. The sooner we decide to do something, the easier we will achieve it, and we will be able do more.

After a lifetime of employment, the last problem we would like to face is the financial one.

Ask us why careful planning is needed