Customised Plans

You plan everything in detail... but sometimes, situations develop in unforeseen ways. Proper risk management planning is highly important, both for individuals and families, as for businesses.

Solutions 4U: We are here for you, having the expertise and the resources to help you design the most appropriate solution for anything that can be dealt with or planned through insurance.
We offer products such as:
• Life
• Retirement
• Business
• Risk Management
• Car / Motor
• Cooperatives
• Residential
• Co-ownership (Buildings)
• Health
• Director & Officers liability
• Employer’s Liability
• Studies
• Employee’s Dishonesty
• Internet Risks
• Transport
• Public Liability
• Money
• Professional Liability
• Electronic Equipment
• Product Liability
• Contractors / Engineers
• Shops
• Photovoltaics
• Business Interruption
• Marine insurance
• Hotels
• Environmental Liability
• Aliens/Immigrants
• Pleasure Boats
• Offices
• Key Man Insurance
• Profit Loss
• Rents Loss
And anything else that can be insured!


Άλλες Υπηρεσίες


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