1. REDUCE THE COVERAs the value of your car diminishes, its coverage needs to be reduced as well. Otherwise you pay higher premiums
To manage a restaurant is a demanding and creative job with many challenges.You concentrate on the kitchen and your customers, and let us
No one plans to get sick, but most people will need medical care at some point.The healthcare insurance covers the necessary costs and
Statistics say that: For every 100 people who are currently at the age of 25, after 40 years:•  26 will have died• 71 will be
The law provides that the Employer's Liability Insurance is compulsory for all companies, but also for persons who employ staff.An
You have worked hard to build your professional activity or business and it is sensible to want to protect it.The Professional Liability
The participation in a Director’s Board of a company or organization is not only a title associated with rights. There are also
When we build a business, we create, and when we create, we only think positively. But at some point, we all leave this life ... That’s
More and more enterprises engaged daily  with e-business or maintain databases of their customers' personal information. Leakage or
There are many instances in which Contractors/Engineers have paid very large amounts for a random harmful event occurring during their
Did you know that if a visitor enters the public/common areas of your apartment building and has an accident, the liability is allocated
The European Union is constantly expanding the legislative framework on relation to environmental protection, but also with regard the