About Us
OUR MISSION: To offer innovative and quality insurance solutions for each customer and partner around the world at the most competitive prices.
OUR VISION: To continually improve ourselves in order to meet the expectations of our customers and partners around the world with innovative solutions, as they are evolving, and to continuously add value to our relationship.
OUR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: The long-term stable relationships of trust that we build with our customers, partners, our staff and society.
OUR SYNONYMS: Confidence, Commitment, Passion, Growth, Excellence, Accountability, Client-centered, Ethics, Transparency, Innovation, Social Responsibility, Continuous Education,  Quality, Flexibility, Solidarity, Respect, Creativity, Credibility, Efficiency, Solvency, Environmental Sensitivity.
With a large network of distinguish and experienced professionals around the world, we are eager to stand by your side wherever you are.



When we build a company, we are full of enthusiasm, positivity and creativity. We shape dreams. Unfortunately, regardless how well we plan our business


There are a lot of products in the insurance market, for any kind of insurance. Products with different coverages, exceptions, limitations, terms and

Customised Plans

You plan everything in detail... but sometimes, situations develop in unforeseen ways. Proper risk management planning is highly important, both for


The agent’s job gets everyday more and more demanding, in many areas. Proper support and assistance are essential components of everyday life of the agent who wants to be able to remain undistracted and devote his energy into productive actions.

We know exactly what every single one of our partners needs and we go at great length to exceed his expectations. Because our partners and our staff constitute the spearhead of Solutions 4U.